At the firing line prior to exercise:

  • Guns unloaded, no magazine, decocked, in the holster


  • Guns unloaded, no magazine, on the table, actions open

Safety precautions:

  • Ear Protection (noise cancelling headset best so you can hear instruction)
  • Eye Protection (there will be a lot of expended shells flying around)
  • Stop firing if you hear the whistle or someone commands “stop”
  • If reloading during an exercise
    • Make the weapon safe and holster it
    • Load magazines or speed loaders at the table
    • Return to the line, point the muzzle down range
    • Insert a new magazine, speed loader or bullets and bring the weapon to “make ready” status
    • Resume the exercise
    • Do not reload weapons at the table

Common Range Commands:

  • “Make Ready”
    • Draw weapon
    • Keep muzzle down range
    • Insert magazine, clips, or bullets
    • Cycle slide or close cylinder
    • Put on safety if the weapon has a separate safety
    • Holster the weapon
  • “Make Safe”
    • Keep muzzle down range
    • Drop magazine or clear cylinders
    • Cycle slide and check breech clear
    • For DAO pistols,  point muzzle down range and pull trigger to decock
    • Re-holster the weapon or open the action and put it on the table
  • “Ready”
    • Assume posture for the exercise
  • “Up”
    • Commence firing the sequence for the drill
  • “Stop” or Whistle
    • Cease firing and listen for further commands