Joining (New Membership)

Price: $100.00

New members are required to be sponsored by a current member in good standing. Once you have a member willing to sponsor you, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out the online membership application, selecting “New Membership” as the application type.
  2. Plan to attend the next member meeting and bring your photo ID so that we can make a copy for our records.  NOTE:  Please download the Orientation-Packet.  This packet is to be downloaded by new members along with the application, filled out, signed and brought to the meeting with their sponsor.
  3. Bring a check for $100 made out to Mt. Adams Fish and Game Association to the meeting.
  4. The board will vote on your application and, if accepted, you will be given a tour of the facility and welcomed to the club.


Price: $75.00

Current members interested in renewing for the next year will have fewer steps to complete. The deadline for renewing is the end of February when the door codes to the indoor range and rifle shed are changed.

  1. Fill out the online membership application, selecting “Renewal” as the application type.
  2. Pay the renewal membership fee by following the “Pay for Renewal” link on the Payment Page.

Membership Benefits

All club members are entitled to the following privileges:

  • access to the club facilities, including the outdoor and indoor shooting ranges
  • a per-family membership fee
  • discounts toward all paid club events