Presented by: Tom DeMarino

Time: 1900 (7PM), Tuesday, August 19th, approximately two hours

Place: Mt Adams Fish and Game Pistol Range

Cost: A contribution to the club’s general fund would be appreciated


  • Know how to load and fire your weapon
  • Know how to operate the safety mechanisms
  • Have eye and ear protection
  • Bring weapon and a box of shells
  • If you carry concealed, best to learn wearing concealment garment (vest, shirt, coat)
  • For most learning, bring a holster, strong side draw (right handed, right side, etc.)
  • Arrive with weapon unloaded. Multiple magazines or speed loaders will be useful to speed up the process

Chalk Talk:

  • When should you present deadly force?
  • What are the four safety rules?
  • What is the method of learning good tactics?
  • What are the safety rules on the range for this class?
  • How should we practice?
  • What is the difference between practice and the real thing?

The Range – What Will We Learn?

  • Presenting the weapon (the draw)
  • Self defense methods, movements
  • The engagement, combat accuracy defined
  • Clearing a room, house, or other structure
  • Drills for practice

Objectives of the Course:

  • Learn when to draw a weapon and when not to draw a weapon
  • Learn appropriate methods for self defense with a weapon
  • Learn how to improve your skills and measure that skill going forth

Please read Range Rules before attending