Covid-19 stuff, of course.


I just got off the phone with Chief Darren Hepner.  He has a call into the Governor’s office regarding leaving our club open to small groups or individuals who may want to shoot.  After reading closely the mandate from Gov. Inslee, he reports that because the club falls under the heading of “recreational”, we will have to close until further notice.  He has gone the extra mile to try to help us keep the range open but has been flooded with calls from citizens turning people in for what they believe are violations and he did get a call from someone the day after I sent out my email regarding leaving it open.  The calls are not about just the shooting.  He says that his office is getting calls about all kinds of nonsense.  If any of you have questions for him, he will be happy to explain if you call the WSPD at 509-492-1177.

I apologize for all of the confusion and as soon as we reopen, I will let you all.  If you know any members that may not get this email, please let them know that the range is now closed.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Camp, Secretary