These rules may be downloaded as a PDF here.

These regulations are adopted and published for the purpose of establishing standards to govern activities on and within the club premises in order to ensure that such events are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. VIOLATORS WILL BE SUBJECT TO SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF RANGE ACCESS

  • Rule 1: Members must be safety conscious at all times, and correct any unsafe practices.
  • Rule 2: The senior officer at any scheduled shooting event, shall have available to him/her, a telephone or other means of emergency communication sufficient to allow immediate contact with emergency medical services, police, and/or fire department.
  • Rule 3: First aid kits are kept by The Mt. Adams Fish and Game Association (MAFGA) on the premises for first aid kit for emergency medical treatment and should be used accordingly.
  • Rule 4: Membership privileges are entitled to direct family members under the age of 18 living in the same house hold and/or the member’s spouse.
  • Rule 5: Members are encouraged to being guests. Members must accompany their guests and assume responsibility for the conduct of their guest. Members must legibly register all shooting guests in the guest log. Guests are limited to two visits to the club, regardless of who is hosting them. After that they are expected to join the club. Guests at organized events will be required to pay the non member fees.
  • Rule 6: Trespassing will not be tolerated. The sharing of the combination to non members or giving access to non members will result loss of membership rights.
  • Rule 7: All firearms must be kept in safe condition except during use on the designated firing lines.
  • Rule 8: Safe condition means that all firearms will be empty of cartridges and pointed in the appropriate direction. Use of chamber flags is recommended for shotguns and rifles where appropriate.
  • Rule 9: Firearms may be handled in designated safe areas for maintenance. No ammo or handling of ammo is allowed in these safe areas.
  • Rule 10: Adhere to all cease fire commands and range commands. When the Red Flag/Sign appears at, the trap house, or the cease fire command or whistle is sounded on any firing range, all shooters will cease fire and unload their weapons/firearms, leaving the actions open, until permission to continue is given by the senior officer. Any member may call for a cease fire.
  • Rule 11: Everyone must stay behind the firing lines when guns are loaded, with the exception of the trap house attendant.
  • Rule 12: Whenever anyone is forward of the firing line, all firearms will in safe condition. Do not handle any firearms for any reason.
  • Rule 13: Firing is permitted only from the designated firing points and firing must be directed downrange to impact the appropriate areas. Firearms must be pointed downrange when loading.
  • Rule 14: No indoor shooting while there is an outdoor event in progress.
  • Rule 15: Members on the firing line must suspend firing while people or vehicles enter the parking lot if they are in front of the current firing line.
  • Rule 16: Use of approved target materials only. Only paper or clay/biodegradable targets may be used (no cans, bottles, rocks, or detonating targets!) Targets are to be placed in such a manor that positions them in the center of the frame, in a location essentially strait ahead, down range from the firing point being used.
  • Rule 17: Clean up your firing area when finished and pick up all cartridge cases, and retrieve your targets.
  • Rule 18: Observe the 10mph speed limit on the access road; 5mph as you enter in the parking lot.
  • Rule 19: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on, or adjacent to active firing lines. No handling of firearms allowed after consumption of alcoholic beverages. NO DRUNKEN BEHAVIOR WILL BE TOLERATED.
  • Rule 20: This is a public facility and all enclosed areas are SMOKE FREE.

Indoor Range Allowed Calibers

The following calibers are not acceptable for use at the indoor range:

  • All calibers above .44 Magnum or greater than 1200 ft lb of energy
  • All rifle cartridges
  • All shotgun shells

Firearm Safety

Always observe the four rules of firearm safety, also known as Jeff Cooper’s Rules of Gun Safety:

  • Rule 1: always treat guns as though they are loaded
  • Rule 2: never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy
  • Rule 3: keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
  • Rule 4: be sure of your target and what lies behind it